Installation & provisioning (9)

Yes. Please ensure your reseller will send a qualified electrician to install your sensor. If that service is not available, you should organise for your own electrician to install the sensor.
No. Voltaware is compatible with standard, economy 7 and prepaid meters. 
The Voltaware sensor is compatible with 50 Hz and 60Hz, and a 220-240 V electricity supply.
Yes. The Voltaware sensor communicates via Wi-Fi and relays information to our server which allows you to see your electricity consumption data. Please ensure the Wi-Fi network is connected to the Internet.
You can manually provision your sensor using the steps shown in the installation manual. Check with your reseller if they will assist you with provisioning your sensor.
You need to physically reboot your sensor. You can do this by turning off the fuse box's main switch, waiting for 1 minute, then turning it back on again. Do not repeat this more than 4 times. You must leave the fuse box cover on to do this. 
You need to physically reboot your sensor. You can do this by turning off the fuse box's main switch, waiting for 1 minute, then turning it back on again. You must leave the fuse box cover on to do this. Do not repeat this more than 4 times. If you are still unable to connect to the sensor it is very likely that the sensor has crashed and you will need to contact your reseller.
Yes, but please note that not all Wi-Fi dongles are compatible with the Voltaware sensor. 
Yes. Enter the IP address and the Voltaware 'Provisioning' webpage will appear. Follow the text 'here' to Reset the sensor to a provisioning state. Once successful, you can provision your sensor as before.

App (7)

Machine learning refers to a period of time where your sensor learns and collects data on your electricity consumption. During the first phase of machine learning, you won't be able to add an appliance until this phase is complete, which is usually 5 to 7 days. Even after this period your sensor will continually learn information and you will be notified if new appliances have been detected.
To add an appliance, you can click the add appliances button on the dashboard, or you can click an appliance in the appliances list and then choose to add an appliance from the menu in the top right hand corner.
Yes. Appliances like dishwashers and washing machines have several components which will all draw electricity. These will each have a unique signature, and initially Voltaware will recognise them as separate appliances, but you will be able to combine these appliances within the app to represent one appliance.
The 'phantom' represents the small amount of energy used by appliances that cannot be identified individually due to their very small power draw. This amount will reduce with time as your sensor discovers more appliances. 'Unknown' energy consumption is the consumption from all the appliances that have not been labelled yet. 
Yes. You would need to delete the profile of the specific appliance and then add the appliance again with the correct name.
These notifications appear to let you know if there is any missing information for the corresponding section which requires your input. This information is important because without it, it can reduce the apps functionality.
General alerts relate to the overall consumption, whereas appliance alerts are specifically related to the individual appliance.